Collected works or how your gonk museum got started


Good news for Stockport’s Hat Museum! There has been an upsurge in visitors from the Far East recently after it featured in a Chinese documentary.

The Hat Works has over 400 hats from around the world, and shows visitors what life was like when hat manufacturing was a thriving industry in the area.

Hong Yane Wang, who made the documentary about British traditions, said: “We found exactly what we were looking for in the museum.” (Although, given our climate, that might have been a cabinet of spotty plastic rain hoods.)

I’ll say one thing for us Brits, we do excel at large displays of objects you’d usually find gathering dust in cupboards. In Merseyside, for example, there’s a Lawnmower Museum. Devon has a House of Marbles, which at least gives frustrated parents somewhere for their lost ones to go. And there’s the Pencil museum in Keswick, about which you’ll have to draw your own conclusions.

But my favourite has to be the dog collar museum in Kent. You wouldn’t think there was enough rain in the world to drive a person to visit a dog collar museum and yet, amazingly, they do.  Continue reading

Bad everything days

People! Have you ever had the sort of day when you just can’t face the world?  When you suddenly realise that your thighs are offensive, your nose is objectionable, your muffin top is a cosmic joke, and that zit on your chin is developing its own personality (and it’s the personality of Nigel Farage?)  Continue reading

Wristbands for singles

Lately, the question on every unattached person’s mind is: should I be wearing a singles wristband?

The answer is no, don’t be so daft. That’s it. You can go about your business now. Seriously, those tiles won’t grout themselves.

I sense you want more. Okay, here’s the situation: these silicone wristbands are the brainchild of Rina and Rob, a Danish-British couple who met by chance in Lanzarote, fell in love and – evidently alarmed by the idea that they might easily never have found one another – decided to start a business helping singles identify potential soul mates.

Imagine a world where all singles can be recognised by other singles,” demands the My Single Band website. I did imagine it. Then I imagined a world where everyone gets euthanized at the age of thirty and is minced up and turned into soylent green, but perhaps that’s just my peculiarly warped outlook. Continue reading