The relationship mist

pet rockDear Kitty,

In my normal life I’m pretty strong-minded. And, even when I meet a man, I’m still sparky and smart and argumentative and funny. But then I date him for a while, decide that I really like him and BAM!, suddenly I’m queen of saps. I start mooning around the place when I know he’s going to call. I find myself saying, “Well, I don’t really mind,” when he asks what film I want to see. I speak in this special sugary voice I’ve never even heard before. Continue reading

Your mother and Meatloaf

2 Winalot

Dear Kitty

I can read my boyfriend’s mind and, frankly, I don’t like it. It all started a month ago when we visited a country park. I suggested we find the deer and he started humming ‘Cavatina.’  Continue reading

Every journey starts with a single headscarf

1 windmill

Dear Kitty,

Am I the only one without a five year plan?

I spoke to my sister the other day and she said that maybe the reason I’m so apathetic is I float through life like a mangy piece of driftwood. She actually said the word ‘mangy’. I couldn’t even muster up the oomph to be offended. Continue reading