It’s time to stop thinking about it…and actually get writing!

It’s the last dedicated BEGINNERS class of the year this Thursday at 7pm in Chorlton. If you’ve been wanting to get writing for ages but have lacked motivation or felt blocked, this is your chance to take action.

A relaxed, fun, and supportive class, we use prompts and free-writing exercises to get the words and ideas flowing, building confidence and inspiring you so that, once outside the class, you feel motivated to get writing more regularly. (Because what’s the point in a writing class if it doesn’t get you writing?)

No scary reading out. No critiquing. No experience needed. One of the rules is that we don’t worry about spelling, punctuation and grammar. We just focus on getting into the writing flow – which is, after all, where all the magic happens.

There are a handful of places left on this week’s class. Book your place here or email me at if you’d prefer to pay cash on the night.

And remember, the only way to be a writer is to be writing…

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Creative Writing for Autumn

September is upon us! Anyone else got that excited, optimistic, new-pencil-case feeling? September always feels like a New Year for me. While, during the actual New Year I am generally sluggish and lacklustre (due to eating my own bodyweight in Quality Street) this time of year has everything going for it – the start of a beautiful season, a chance to get new plans and projects underway, and the excuse to buy new stationery. Hurrah!

And with the ‘new year’ come the new classes for Autumn.

If you are new to writing and new to my sessions then come along to a BEGINNERS PRACTICE class on September 7th or October 19th.  You’ll all be new starters, and the class is very supportive and relaxed, so there’s no danger of feeling out of your depth. Classes take place from 7pm-9pm at The Lloyds function room in Chorlton. Just click the dates for more info and to book.

Looking for a daytime class? My Tuesday afternoon PRACTICE class is open to newbies and regulars and will take place at 1.30pm-3.30pm on September 5thOctober 3rd andNovember 7th in the beautifully relaxing surroundings of the World Peace Cafe on High Lane.

Been to a class before? Then come along to the regular Thursday night PRACTICE classes, also taking place at The Lloyds on September 14 and November 2nd 

And for those who want to sharpen their writing skills and develop their technique with a view to getting published, Autumn’s first FOCUS class will be on Thursday October 5 and will explore POV and Tense while on November 9th we’ll look at the perennial problem for writers and aspiring writers alike –  how the hell to find the time to write in our increasingly busy lives.

For all of the above just click the dates to get more info and book, or you can email me at if you have any questions.


Could your writing dreams benefit from some focused, one-on-one support? Book a Creative Mentoring Session via Skype.

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10 Writing Prompts You Can Use Right Now

1. Write down the words: I want. It can be one huge thing, or many little things, or many huge things, or something you don’t want, or anything at all. See where it takes you. Write for five minutes. If you get stuck, just return to the prompt: I want.

2.  Write down the words: I remember. It can be something from childhood, something that happened this morning, one big memory, or lots of memories. See where it takes you. Write for ten minutes.

3. Pick up the nearest poetry book or novel. Flick to a random page. Close your eyes and point at the page. The line you land on is your writing prompt. Start a story from there. If it doesn’t make any sense, that’s fine. Make it dialogue. Have your character frustrated and confused. Write for ten minutes.

4. Find the nearest newspaper or magazine. Flick at random and choose an image. Flick at random again and choose maximum four words of text from a headline. Write a story that uses the image as a setting/character and the text as a title/theme/piece of dialogue. Write for ten minutes.

5. Picture yourself in twenty years time. You’ve achieved everything you wanted to. Write a letter to your current self telling you how you did it.  Write for five minutes.

6. Write about your memories of childhood food. Write for ten minutes.

7. Describe yourself as you are right now, how you look, where you are, how you sit, what your body feels like, what’s going on emotionally  – but do it all in the third person. Write for five minutes.

8. Think about something you hate. Why do you hate it? How does it make you feel? Persuade us how bad it is. Write for five minutes.

9. Take that thing that you hate, and write about it like you love it. Persuade us that you really do love it. Write for five minutes.

10. Write about a first. It can be a first anything. First job, first kiss, first great loss, first day at school. Write for five minutes.


Could your writing dreams benefit from some focused, one-on-one support? Book a Creative Mentoring Session via Skype.

For free writing tips and support, sign up to my Creative Writing Newsletter.