Creative writing classes

I am currently running three types of classes, all taking place in South Manchester.

Creative writing PRACTICE

These are supportive, informal classes with a focus on free-form writing exercises to get your creativity flowing. There’s no critiquing, no scary reading out, just getting words down on the page, building your confidence and nurturing your relationship with your creativity.

Best for: anyone who wants to write but doesn’t know where to start, or used to write but feels they’ve lost their connection or motivation. Meet like minded people, chat about writing, and go home having written hundreds of words.

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Creative writing FOCUS

Concentrating on a different subject each month, these classes offer guidance, techniques, and focused practice to help you develop your writing. Subjects will range from where to find inspiration for your stories, plotting using the three-act structure, writing dialogue, creating believable characters, how to write a query letter, how to get an agent and more.

Best for: anyone who is interested in developing their writing craft with a view to having their work published.

See available classes and book


Creative Writing WORK IN PROGRESS

Writing can be a lonely pursuit so getting out of the house to write in the company of others once in a while can be a real motivational tool. Bring your laptop, work on your current writing project, and have a chat with other writers on our structured breaks. Not only will you start the month as you mean to go on, you can also set writing goals for the coming month and receive regular motivation and encouragement. It’s like WeightWatchers, but for writers. (WordWatchers…?)

Best for: those who are have started stories or writing projects but have become demotivated by writing in a vacuum and are in need of a bit of human interaction and support.

Work in progress dates coming soon.


The activities were simple and showed how easy it is to create things, in even a short space of time. You created a nurturing space without any pressure to “produce” and that allowed it all to flow. Brilliant stuff.”  

“I love the photo and word exercise – it really stretches the imagination and has some very surprising results. Since taking the class I’ve felt much more focused and haven’t put too much pressure on myself to write. I’ve been much more open to ‘free flow’ writing and am much more aware of how my own inner voice can be my worst critic.”

“I felt quite exhilarated and really pleased I had summoned up the courage to attend.  It was great to chat about writing with other people and do some enjoyable and useful exercises.”

If you’d like to have a chat with me about any of the classes before booking, please email with the subject line Creative writing