The Gods of Love book launch in pictures

Friday night was the launch of my debut novel The Gods of Love at Deansgate Waterstones, Manchester:

Here’s what happened: (Thanks to Nathan Cox for the brilliant photos)

My wonderful friends that I have known since primary school bought me this incredible Gods of Love cake! Justlookatit!
My cousins Steve and Andy and my wonderful Dad, camera at the ready.


My Liverpool University friend Rosie came along to support me – not seen her for about 20 years and she has not changed AT ALL!  (What was in that Student Union wine?)


My sister, Amanda, catching up with my best friend Kellie, and her 10 yr daughter, Maya (my very clever god daughter, who has read my book, is a fan, and now intends to be a writer!)


The room began to fill up….
Me with Stuart and David, (right) who was in charge of doing the Q&A…..


I’m taking it all very seriously…




Full house!
Reading from Chapter 1….intrigue!
…serious bit


Sitting down with David Lloyd for the highly entertaining Q&A





THE BIG MOMENT: the drawing of the raffle ticket
More excited about this raffle than is seemly…
The lucky winner, Tori!
Live footage
Proud family moment.


Many books were bought. Many wines were drunk


My god child, getting her signed copy!
After the fiftieth book is it possible my dedications stopped making much sense…


Photo opps with my cousins!
BIG QUEUE from another angle!
A dear friend and fellow creative from my Blackwells days back in the 90s…


My beloved Nick modelling a copy of The Gods of Love


A delicious book.

Thank you so much to everyone who came to the launch.

I had the most amazing night, and it was your incredible support and love that made it so wonderful!

Love, Nicola x