We are all creative


I meet so many people who are fascinated when I tell them I’m a writer. Eventually, they might get around to telling me that they like to write too. Or they would like to. Or they used to. Most of the people I speak to aren’t actually writing though.

Why is this?

Unfortunately, many people don’t feel like they have the right to write. They may feel like they have something to say, but there’s also something equally strong that’s stopping them. Maybe they think they’ll be no good. Maybe they think they don’t have the time. Maybe they don’t believe writing is the kind of thing people like them do: “Who do I think I am, wanting to be a writer?”

Maybe they’ve been criticised and are scared to try again. (I get this. In my early twenties I gave some of my stories and poems to a classmate to read. She handed them back a week later in complete silence. I didn’t write another word of fiction for five years.)

Here’s the thing. All human beings are creative, and creating makes us happy.

But creativity is like exercise. The longer we go without doing it, the weaker the muscles get. What used to feel natural and easy starts to feel impossible and scary and just something other people do.

The only way to get better at writing is to write. So, we write. We build that muscle and we gain our confidence, and we learn to trust our creativity, trust those stories inside us that want to come out.

If I hadn’t given my creativity the space it needed, then I wouldn’t have written The Gods of Love. But it wasn’t a simple path. There are so many conflicting messages, so many doubts. It’s all part of the process, but it helps to have support while you go through it – a place to find encouragement and advice about the blocks to writing, as well as the space in which to get words down on the page, to spark new ideas and nurture creative confidence.

I love writing. I believe we are all creative, and I want to help more people re-connect with the flow of creativity that they know is inside them, because I know how transformative it can be.

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